About The Signalling Programme

A replacement of all signalling on the entire Banedanmark railway network with ERTMS and all signalling on the Copenhagen S-bane with CBTC.

Banedanmark is in the midst of total renovation of the outdated Danish signal installations on both the S-Bane and the Fjernbane.

The S-Bane will be equipped with CBTC-technology (Communication Based Train Control), while the Fjernbane has to live up to the rules for the European standard system known as European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).

The new signalling systems will cause fewer delays, give the opportunity for higher speed and more trains. 

Banedanmark expects an 80% decline in signal-related delays on main and regional lines and a 50% decline on the Copenhagen S-bane as a result of the Signalling Programme. Countrywide there will be a higher and more homogenous level of safety. Future maintenance will be more economical and the system will provide an unprecedented foundation for better centralized traffic control, energy optimization, and on-time passenger information.

The new signalling systems are on their way – but delayed

Banedanmark is currently working hard with the deployment of the new signalling systems on the railway, but the adaptation to the Danish railway is more complicated than expected.