Banedanmark allocates capacity for railway undertakings on the Danish rail network. The capacity consists of train paths and access to depot and setup tracks. The timetable compiles the individual train paths as well as their connection with other train paths.

Application for capacity

When applying for capacity (train paths), please indicate where and when you want to drive, and the type of train you are using. The deadline for application for capacity for the regular timetable is 8 months before the entry into force of the timetable. However, you can apply for train paths all year long, and Banedanmark will answer your application as soon as possible.

Correction of capacity

If you want changes to allocated capacity or want to extend the number of trains in an existing timetable, please contact Banedanmark.

Cancellation of capacity

If you want to cancel allocated capacity, the following charges apply:

  • Cancellation less than 49 days before the planned train service operation: 50 % of the fee for one day of driving must be paid.
  • Cancellation between 1 and 7 days prior to planned train service operation: The entire fee for one day of driving must be paid.

ETCS equipped rolling stock on Banedanmark Infrastructure

  • If you have rolling stock equipped with ETCS and you want to use Banedanmark Infrastructure it is very important that you consider the following aspects: 

    Sim card to Banedanmark GSM-R Network 
  • ECS-statement
  • ETCS keys

Simcard to Banedanmark GSM-R Network 

If you do not have a valid sim-card to Banedanmark GSM-R network, you can order it through the Danish website: Bestilling af SIM-kort | Banedanmark (In Danish).


If you do not have a valid ESC-statement for your rolling stock, an ESC-test is required to document the compatibility between ETCS equipped onboard and Banedanmark ETCS infrastructure. 

Banedanmark can assist to conduct the test in collaboration with your supplier of onboard equipment.

More information to be found on the Danish website Test af ETCS-ombordudstyr (ESC) | Banedanmark (In Danish).

Please notice that Banedanmark trackside equipment is compatible with Baseline 3 Onboard equipment. 

ETCS Keys:

It is necessary to collect an ETCS key from Banedanmark to run on the Danish ETCS infrastructure. You can request a key through this form and send a copy of the ESC-statement to

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