Support Scheme for Funding Railway Freight Companies' Fitment of Locomotives

As part of the roll-out of the new signalling systems, Banedanmark can compensate rail freight companies for up to half of their costs in connection with the purchase and installation of new train control systems for freight locomotives.

In July 2017, the European Commission approved the scheme, where it will be possible to compensate up to 50 per cent. of the cost of purchasing and installing the new train control equipment. In September 2020, the European Commission approved a review of the scheme, after which the aid period has been extended and the national ceiling on aid amount removed.

Folketinget (the Danish parliament) has allocated DKK 57.3 million DKK (pl-2020) for the purpose. 

This is a direct grant to eligible railway undertakings, which is compensated for the costs they want to have improved assistance to the industry in the transition from the Danish ATC train control system to the new ERTMS system.

Application period 

The support scheme came into force on 1 September 2020 and application must be submitted by 31 August 2025. It will be in accordance with the first-come-first-served principle. The scheme will end when the available budget is exhausted or at the scheduled end date, whichever comes first.

Conditions for receiving funding 

The conditions for being able to participate in the scheme are set out in the guide, which can be downloaded on the right, as is the case with the application form.

Questions for the application round can be submitted to the Signalling Programme at


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