Booking interruptions to the catenary system

In cases where works are taking place in closer proximity to live structures than the applicable respect distances, it is necessary for the catenary system to be interrupted prior to works commencing.

The respect distance for people and hand tools being used by people is 1.75 m. 
The respect distance for machinery operating at a height in excess of 3.00 m above the top of the rail is 5.00 m. In the case of larger machinery, it is possible to apply for dispensation from the works manager to work closer to the high-voltage system. 
The respect distance for water spraying using a dispersed beam is 10.00 m. 
The tabs for the Fjernbane and S-bane respectively will provide you with guidance and forms to book interruptions to the catenary system.

Please note that track possession must be booked separately (see booking track possessions - only in Danish).