Business training

For those looking to be mentored

Several of the security classified programmes include business training (peer-to-peer training). As a participant of the programme, you yourself are responsible for finding a mentor who can do this part of the training. You can always write to Banedanmark’s Training Centre to get a list of approved mentors.  

You can read more about business training in the relevant training description.

The forms below are used to prove that you have completed training for the relevant courses. 


For those looking to be a mentor

To become a mentor, you need to have two years of experience in the area you wish to be a mentor in. 

Your employer must submit an application form for you to be a mentor. The application form is found at the bottom of this page, and should be sent to

If you meet the requirements for becoming a mentor, you will be invited to an interview with Banedanmark’s training coordinator. The interview discusses your knowledge of the role of mentor as described in the Complete handbook for infrastructure training. During the interview, the training coordinator will assess whether you should be approved to become a mentor. The handbook is only available in Danish as "Samlet uddannelseskompendium for infrastrukturuddannelser" and can be found on the Danish page.
Please note that mentors for train driving must be trained driving instructors. Read more about Banedanmark’s mentors on the Danish page Mentors.