Delivery and payment

The work and supply must continue as usual


Banedanmark is aware that the COVID19 situation can have direct and indirect consequences for its contractors and suppliers. We therefore, like many other public organizations, advance our payments if the goods are received. Please, see at our website, how to send us an invoice.

Can you enter when the Danish borders are closed?

Whorty purpose

The work on and the supply to Banedanmark’s projects are critical in terms of maintaining fundamental societal functions. The work and supply must therefore continue as usual.

As a supplier delivering goods to Banedanmark you may enter Denmark if you have a “worthy purpose”. However, expect to show documentation for this purpose at the border. Please be aware, you can expect to be refused entering Denmark if you have symptoms of COVID19. Please, find updates on the website of the Danish Police in English.

Worthy purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Persons residing or working in Denmark, including self-employed entrepreneurs performing work in Denmark.

  • Persons with a valid work permit, including persons who have not yet utilized their work permit and whose entry is for the purpose of working in Denmark.

  • Persons commissioned to deliver goods or services to/in Denmark includes persons who, for business purposes, are using a passenger car to transport goods out of Denmark.

The list is based on information from the Danish Police and is kept up-to-date on the website of the Danish Police regarding coronavirus contagion. Check the website for the latest information on entry restrictions.

If the above examples and the website of the Danish Police do not provide an answer to whether the purpose of a specific travel is considered worthy you may call the police’s dedicated hotline. The hotline can be reached on +45 7020 6044.


New tenders and projects:

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